Welcome to the invention of my entirely non-monetary charity, a dedication and pledge to create and invite humanity into an International Day of Silence.

What I have noticed over the years is that there are certain mechanisms of society that keep us locked into cycles of repetition that sees no real change, nor benefit to the downtrodden.

Wage gaps increase, wars are rife in one form or another, parlour tricks delivered by the medias, governments, banks and entertainment industries keep people confused and afraid.

Something has to change if we as humanity are to survive.

So I have set a date.

You can hear my poem on the topic below, read, post, share and join me to stand for a day so we can, as one race, move forward together.

My pledge:

To stand every year for one day in silence outside of the Houses of Parliament for peace.

My invitation to you to join me does not require you to stand beside me personally.

Gather outside institutions, banks and factories the world over on this date to invite all of humanity into an era of peace.

After you have listened to my word on the matter, I'd like you to ask yourself this simple question:

Who among you cannot spare eight hours a year to stand for peace?

The most important note in music, subtlest colour in paint, in dance it is the most profound use of space. 

It is the void inside the atom, the expanse of the universe, the act of listening golden and beckoning. 

Without it no star would shine and humanity would fit inside a cube of sugar. 

It is most of me, most of you, most of Kings and peasants too. 

It is simply...



Whatever spoken before or after may echo a thousand centuries, but surely fades as words decay into each others' miseries. 

We shout and blame and make much din, wearing each others' patience thin, amnesty I think all humans need from each other now more than ever. 

Whether or not twin towers demolished was conspiracy, no doubt this tragedy has burned into memory mistrust and fearfully divided us. 

I don't care who you are, what horrors you hide, we, the walking turds of the earth can't forgiveness now deny. 

60000000 people died as World War I ensued, so two minutes of silence for each person that means 0.0000002 seconds per person is allegedly remembered. 

It's not enough. 

Lest we forget we forgot. 

We forgot to forgive. 

So I cordially invite you all to come stand with me in silence for a day, from 9 to 5 from Greenwich mean time, book a holiday on 9/11 to remember every fallen soldier,

Every victim of rape or torture,

Every human that jumped that day.  

May the day double as an invitation to every soldier to stop shooting, all politicians to stop talking, all police to be human, to all faiths to come together, regardless of the weather. 

Bring food to share and bright clothes to wear!

If you sing your prayers don't not dare fill this void. 

Of course you can talk, this is only invitation, but the point is to wait in patience for the whole world to

Shut up! 

Nature, bountiful as she is is also hurricanes, volcanoes, cancer, dementia, entropy, terrorists, murderers and you. 

What have you done that needs forgiving? 

Only you know that, though there's no sin in sinning. 

We're here to learn. 

We are each other. 

Warriors, Sovereigns, Magicians and Lovers. 

To the people who dare try to lead this meandering gorilla rabble... 

I applaud every effort and misspent penny. 

Maybe they did it just to survive, or maybe they just can't stop telling lies, maybe they love money more than people, they're still a human in the game of life. 

We've no compassion for the criminals, the homeless nor junkies. 

Nor leaders of the world committing horrid atrocities. 

This is no rebellion nor protest or such, just an invitation for all people to trust in a world sustainable. 

To suspend all suspicion in the reflection of the mirrors of each other,

Choose to see the flesh driven stardust monkeys we are,

Weep for our sacrifice,

Laugh with our pain,

Rage playfully and dance standing still. 

Love is an answer but if you're asking the question you're not quietly feeling it just begging suggestion. 

So go stand with your governments on 9/11 from 9 to 5 adamant that Heaven can be made from this Hell. 

And when that bell it strikes at 5 let's party like it's 2999, turn the earth into a house party, but knowing that if I hurt you I'm just hurting me. 

You all are a part of me and I a part of you, a System of a Down and an up for each other a Tool. 

I'll invite you a third time, come stand with me in silence and collectively agree to wipe the slate clean. 

I've no answers for what happens after. 

Just a wish to hear sorrow amongst laughter. 

September 11th, book it off to quietly wait for each other to just...