Rich Butnotfamous 

Performance Poet




Rich Butnotfamous is a liar. Don't believe a word he says as his prose tricks you into false thoughts of our exisistence. He dares question what you know of the world, what audacity! He says your own eyes lie, this waffling warbler of woe! A machine gun of misinformation, avoid at all costs. From science to spirit to childhood to explicit to photographs, wasps, words and politics, this explosion of self import only wants your mind to warp. The very devil in his dialogue.

He graduated from D***tington College of Arts in 2012 in Music with Performance Writing having developed a percussive style of acoustic bass guitar.  He tried to 'make it' with a couple of different bands in Bristol but lost the sense of joy in music and made himself ronin. He then discovered dance (his style is somewhere between Tap, Flamenco, Karate and Five Rhythms), then the performance poet Hib Word inspired him to take up poetry. He joined Amnesty International as a chugger, writing his pitches into poems, where he discovered a function for his work. Since then he has published two paper back poetry anthologies, releases written and audio poems monthly for his subscribers and roams the country delivering single servings of poetry to unsuspecting passers by in the street.


Rich and Richer

The ever expanding repertoire of Rich Butnotfamous

'Rich and Richer' is Rich Butnotfamous's third poetry anthology, available only online and unique amongst anthologies.

He releases a new poem for his subscribers on the 1st of the month, available to them to stream and download audio versions as well as download written arrangements.

You can sign up from as little as £1 a month at the shop and you'll gain access to the passworded anthology ‘Rich and Richer’ in the anthologies tab at the top of this page.

You can also stream the current month's poem FOR FREE from the audio block below and revisit every month for a new poem.

Don’t forget you can view and listen to his first two anthologies FOR FREE by selecting them from the anthologies menu at the top.


Walkabout Wordsmithing

seven video tutorials introducing you to poetry busking

This video is the first in seven detailing as much as I have learned about busking poetry, including Etiquette, Site Awareness, After Care, Self Care and more, I hope with these to provide ideas for others that enable them to take their work to their audience and even earn from it. Click below for more details!

Free poetry!


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